Hurricane Fiona

September 27, 2022

To the hardworking IBEW members, you’re working endless hours, in the storm, behind the scenes and in the plants, we really appreciate all of the hard work you are doing to keep us all safe during and in the aftermath of Hurricane Fiona. We know it is daunting to go to work right now and you’re all working around the clock answering the call to restore power in our communities. If it weren’t for you all, we would be in the dark.

To the Canadian Military Services assisting our province: we see you. And can’t thank you enough for your service and coming to our aid during a time of need.

The hard-working, caring people of this province are what makes these provinces, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, such an incredible part of this country, and we are so proud of how we are all working together to try and keep everyone safe. We’ve been through a lot together over the past week. Let’s continue to care for one another until this storm has passed.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for powering our lives.

In Solidarity,

Jim Sponagle
Business Manager 



IMG 2580

Brother Winston O'LearyIMG 2583

Brother Jose Pimentel and Sister Megan Parrott

IMG 2585


IMG 2586

Brother Brian MacLeod

IMG 2588

Canadian Military Services

IMG 2589

Sister Dyana Reid and Nova Scotia Power Safety Officer, Mike MacDonald 

IMG 2590

Sister Dyana Reid

IMG 2591

Brother Terry Black and Brother Danny Walker 

IMG 2594

Brothr Phil Young, Sister Erika Gillis, Brother Jed Flemington, Sister Amy Campbell-Landry 




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