Bill C-201 Could Benefit Traveling Construction Members

On October 31, Bill C-201, a private members' bill introduced by NDP MP Chris Charlton (Hamilton Mountain), had its first reading in parliament. This bill introduces a "construction mobility tax credit" that  would help construction workers cover their travel costs when relocating temporarily to take on short-term construction jobs. Specifically, the bill would amend the Income Tax Act so that  tradespersons and apprentices could deduct travel and accommodation expenses from their taxable income so that they can secure and maintain employment at a construction site that is more than 80 kilometers away from their home. The existing tax exemptions related to remote work sites apply only to those workers who are provided lodging at these sites directly. There is no similar provision for the majority of construction workers who travel to obtain work. 

At a time when some regions of the country suffer from high unemployment while others suffer from temporary skilled labour shortages, this bill offers a solution to both. 

During that first reading, Conservative MP Gerald Keddy (South Shore-St. Margaret's Bay) rose to speak against the bill. (Read what Mr. Keddy had to say here.)

Please educate yourself about Bill C-201 and contact your local MP to let him or her know that you support this private members' bill, which could benefit the many Atlantic Canadians who travel for work.




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