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Nextgen March Minutes

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IBEW 1928 NextGen

Meeting Actions

Education Initiative: There is a booklet which was put together by Local 37 which we are going to adapt to fit 1928. It outlines the history and organizational structure of the IBEW. Brother Leo Doran is going to take the lead on this. He is going to take it to the E Board for approval and then work on sending it to the printers. We are looking at having this in Members hands by September, if not earlier.

Terms of Reference: Sister Kate Mueller is going to put together the Terms of Reference and send it out to members. This will be done by April 9th.

First Annual IBEW 1928 NextGen Soft Ball Tourney: This is part of the team building initiative as well to introduce and promote NextGen. This is taking place on August 26th and27th, 2017 at the Truro Stadium One and Stadium Two ball fields. There are several actions involved with this.

  1. Kate will talk to some popular suppliers and reps for possible donations. Kate will talk to Lisa about obtaining a trophy. Kate will talk to Jimmy about including other LUs.
  2. Brother Alain Melanson will look at getting a bus scheduled for sober drives.
  3. Brother Luke Quase will try to get donations from liquor reps. Luke will put together a communication.
  4. Brother Brandon MacInnis scheduled the field and is looking at getting deals on rooms at the Best Western.

Communication to introduce ourselves: Sister Sarah Campbell is going to work with Brother Alain Melanson on putting together a communication to submit to the NextGen newsletter.

NextGen involvement in LU 1928’s website: Brother Ryan MacDonald is going to work with Lisa Dobson on keeping our website update and possibly adding a NextGen section. The NextGen section would include the communication which Sarah is going to write up as an introduction. It will also include our Terms of Reference, our schedule for the year ahead and whatever communication we will be looking at sharing (i.e. the ball tourney, initiatives that are underway).

RENEW conference: Brothers Alain Melanson and Leo Doran were chosen to represent 1928 NextGen at the RENEW Conference in September. Congrats guys!! We look forward to hearing all about it!

2017 NextGen schedule: Our scheduled for the year of 2017 is as follows:

March 25th and 26th- face to face meeting

May 10th at 7pm- conference call

July 10th at 7pm- conference call

August 26th and 27th- First Annual IBEW 1928 NextGen Soft Ball Tourney

September 14th and 15th- Face to face meeting

September 21st- 23rd- RENEW Conference Pittsburgh

November 7th at 7pm- conference call

Kate will look at getting Sister Kate Walsh, the First District NextGen Rep to attend our September meeting. She will also look at getting Matt Andrea, the NextGen Chair for LU 625, to attend our September meeting.

The main item on the agenda for our May conference call will be moving the time of our Unit meetings, and other creative ways to get more attendance at these meetings.

Things to Do to stay active:

  1. Get involved in NAOSH by doing Union related 7 minute for safety presentations. Use the Code of Excellence video off
  2. Go to your Unit meetings and bring at least one other Member with you.
  3. Talk to the Members in your area about ways to get more attendance at the Unit meetings.
  4. Talk Union in a positive, encouraging way. Use the language, call each other Brother and Sister.
  5. Get people pumped for the ball tourney!
  6. Communicate with the member of this group on all our activities and actions. Ask for and offer help.


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