Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Strike

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What does a strike mean for me?


Q: Do we have a strike fund?

A: No. Currently we do not have a strike fund.


Q: If I am a Labour Pool Employee and I am laid off, do I still have to report to the picket line?

A: Yes. You are an IBEW Local 1928 member that is affected by the terms and conditions of the NSPI/IBEW Collective Agreement, so you will be required to report for strike duty.


Q: If I am a Labour Pool Employee and currently working in a location outside of my own geographic area, where do I report for picketing duty?

A: You will be reporting to a picket line within a reasonable distance of your home.


Q: Will my health and dental benefits and my pension be affected by a potential lockout or strike?

A: This is a question best directed to Employee Services as they can provide comprehensive information regarding your personal coverage. Their contact information is:

1-877-995-0060 or

1-902-425-9594 for Halifax Metro.


Q: Am I entitled to Employment Insurance (EI) in the event of a lockout or strike?

A: No. Refer to – Employment Insurance – Section 2: Eligibility Criteria for more information.


Q: If I am on vacation and a lockout or strike occurs, what happens to my vacation?

A: Your vacation will cease and you will report to a picket line. You will not lose your vacation entitlement.



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