Results are in on the voting on the Tentative Agreement reached between the negotiating teams of Local 1928 and NSP on June 10, 2015. The result is:

"For" the Tentative Agreement: 349
"Against" the Tentative Agreement: 208 

Percentage in Favour of Tentative Agreement: 62.66%
Percentage Against Tentative Agreement: 37.34 %

Voter Participation:  61.3% of eligible voters participated (total number of people who voted: 557 out of 908 eligible)

Voting on the tentative agreement reached between Local 1928 and NSP on June 10, 2015, ends tomorrow, Tuesday, at 12pm. If you are having any difficulty with the voting process, please contact the union hall. 

Please exercise your right to voteā€”it only takes a minute..

The names of two (from sixteen applicants) IBEW family members were drawn at random by International Representative Brian Matheson at the Local's executive board meeting on June 25. The winners receive $1,500 each toward their post-secondary studies for the coming school year. Congratulations to Courteney Waye (daughter of Mike Waye) and Rebecca Corkum (daughter of Rod Corkum) and best of luck with your studies! Thank you to all our members for your interest and support of the Local 1928 scholarship.

Members of the NSP Bargaining Unit will begin voting later this week on a tentative agreement for contract renewal reached with NSP through conciliation on June 10, 2015. (The existing contract expired on March 31, 2015.) Eligible voters will receive their Voter Information package (which includes details of the tentative agreement) this week by mail at the last address that the Local has on file for you. The vote runs from 9am on Friday June 26th until 12pm on Tuesday June 30th. Eligible voters can cast their vote by phone or by internet (specific instructions in your Voter Information letter). The supporting documents can also be obtained by 1) attending a Unit meeting (which continue this week in the West), 2) visiting the "Members" section of the Local 1928 website (you need to log in to access it), or 3) by contacting the union hall (sign up for our distribution email list).

Results are in on the voting on the Final Offer from NSP (dated May 14, 2015). The result is:

"For" the Offer: 25
"Against" the Offer: 617

Percentage in Favour of Offer: 4%
Percentage Against Offer: 96%

Voter Participation: 69.9% of eligible voters participated (total number of people who voted: 642)



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