Nova Scotia is now in a provincial election campaign. This is an opportunity to let your local candidates know what issues are important to you and to find out which party best represents your interests. Local 1928 has sent a survey to each of the political party leaders asking them to state their position on three issues: 1) the protection of negotiated benefits like defined benefit pension plans, 2) the maintenance of jobs (and ultimately customer service levels) at the provincial power utility, particularly in rural areas, and 3) maintaining the responsibility of Nova Scotia Power through provincial electrical regulations to inspect (and thus ensure safe) industrial, commercial, and residential wiring installations.
During an election campaign, candidates are obligated to respond to these kind of surveys---we will let you know what we discover about each of the political party leaders on these issues.


These are the hockey pics:


The Canadian Labour Congress is offering "together FAIRNESS WORKS" leaders' seminars across the country from September 10th to 28th. These seminars are targeted to local union leadership and will introduce the goals and strategy for building greater member engagement, provide information and approaches for initiating activites related to the "together FAIRNESS WORKS project" or other campaigns and activities. The Halifax seminar will be held on Saturday September 14th. If you are interested in attending, please contact Business Manager Jeff Richardson.

As we participated in Labour Day events in Nova Scotia this past weekend, I reflected on the important role organized labour plays in Nova Scotia and in particular began to reflect on the important jobs being done by our members as part of the IBEW Local 1928 in each and every community across Nova Scotia.

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers is a collection of workers from across Canada who work in construction, utilities, maintenance, the pulp and paper industry and many other valuable professions.  We work in every community in every part of Nova Scotia.  We are the people who maintain power lines, inspect your homes and businesses to ensure they are safely wired, we run the power plants and we are the ones who go out in the storm to restore power to your homes when the weather is at its worst.

We are proud of the work we do and we are proud to be part of each and every community in Nova Scotia.  The work we do can sometimes be dangerous and we always think of safety first.  Safety not only for us, but also for the people we serve.  We know that when the power goes out and the temperature drops, you depend on us to turn the heat back on and we never want to let you down.

Being one of the last industries that are located across rural Nova Scotia we recognize the impact we have on local economies.  We live where we work and we want to continue serving Nova Scotians in every community, in every situation at a moment's notice.  That is our commitment to you and we will always advocate being a part of the rural economy in Nova Scotia for many years to come.

So when you see an electrical inspector, a power line technician, a power plant operator or other members of the IBEW in your community, we are easy to find, we are hockey coaches, volunteer fundraisers and we work closely with many charitable organizations like Habitat for Humanity, please take a moment to reflect on the important role IBEW members play in keeping you and your family safe, keeping the lights on and being part of your community and your local economy.

I am proud to be the business manager for the IBEW Local 1928 in Nova Scotia.  It is a privilege to work with such dedicated men and women and to represent their interests with Emera, Nova Scotia Power, municipal utilities and many other employers in Nova Scotia.  I represent them so that they can continue to work, play and raise families across Nova Scotia for many years to come.

Due to a scheduling conflict, the East's unit meetings (Sydney, Port Hawkesbury, New Glasgow, and Truro) are moving ahead by one week so that the Business Manager can attend. The new dates are in the IBEW calendar on the website (same day of the week, just one week earlier).



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