List of IBEW Contractors

The following Outside Construction Contractors have ongoing collective agreements with IBEW Local 1928:

  • Emera Utility Services (EUS), Transmission and Distribution
  • Black & MacDonald
  • Emera Utility Services (EUS), Communications

The following owner has a project-limited collective agreement with IBEW Local 1928:

  • NSP Maritime Link (any contractor who gets work on the Maritime Link will have to abide by the project collective agreement with Local 1928)

The following Outside Construction Contractors are signatory (that is, they have signed Voluntary Recognition) to the ongoing collective agreement with EUS T&D. That means that when these contractors perform outside construction work in Local 1928's jurisdiction (Nova Scotia and PEI), they agree to abide by the terms and conditions of that agreement, including wages, dues, travel allowances, health and welfare and pension allocations, per diems, and the hiring provisions (which is 1:1 employer and Local 1928-supplied labour; if the union cannot supply the members through Local 1928's Referral List, the employer can then bring in their own workers). 

  • Gagnon (New Brunswick)
  • Holland Power Services (New Brunswick)
  • K&M Utility Line (New Brunswick)
  • PowerTel (Ontario and Nova Scotia)
  • Tri-Wire (New Brunswick)
  • O'Donnell Line and Electric (New Brunswick)
  • Moloney Electric (New Brunswick)
  • K-Line Construction (New Brunswick)

The following Outside Construction Contractors are not signatory to an IBEW or other union contract in Nova Scotia and PEI:

  • XL Electric (Nova Scotia)
  • Carter Brothers (New Brunswick)
  • K-Line Construction (Nova Scotia)
  • VistaCare (and most Eastlink/Aliant communications sub-contractors)
  • All forestry services contractors


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