NSPI Labour Pool

The NSPI Labour Pool is a union-maintained list of IBEW Local 1928 members who are supplied by the Labour Pool Administrator on a rotating basis for casual and term work at Nova Scotia Power.

Workers who are not members of the IBEW and who wish to join the NSPI Labour Pool must apply to the Labour Pool Administrator. Upon successful completion of screening, safety training, and general orientation to NSPI, these workers enter the "C File," a list of pre-screened casual workers who may be offered short-term work throughout NSPI. Workers in the C File are not members of Local 1928 and do not fall under the collective agreement with NSPI.

Once a worker from the C File completes a minimum of 480 hours with NSPI and has a recommendation from their NSPI  supervisor, that worker can apply for membership in the IBEW. Once the Local 1928 executive board approves that application, the worker enters the "B Pool." As dues-paying members of Local 1928, B Pool members enjoy some benefits and protections over workers in the C File, as per the collective agreement with NSPI. 

Workers in the "A Pool" are IBEW Local 1928 Members who have been laid off from their regular, full-time jobs with Nova Scotia Power. Under the collective agreement with Nova Scotia Power, these workers enjoy more benefits and protections than workers in the B Pool (and by extension, workers in the C File).



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